Q: If my child is eligible for Special Education services, do they have to be labeled as a Special Education student?

A: No. As the parent, you decide whether your child will receive specialized services, if they are found to be eligible by the school psychologist.

Q: Does the school test for ADHD?

A: No. An ADHD diagnosis must come from a family doctor, neurologist or psychiatrist. If you have documentation that your child has ADHD, you can provide this information to the school and request additional psychoeducational testing.

Q: What is the LeGare Law?

A: The LeGare law states that all Philadelphia special admit schools (i.e. Masterman, Central, Saul, LEEDS Military Academy, etc.) must accept 10% of their total student population as identified students with special needs.

Q: What are the different types of Special Education services offered?

A: The following services are offered to qualified students:
Learning Support
Autistic Support
Emotional Support
Life Skills Support
Multiple Disability Support
Vision Therapy
Hearing Therapy
Speech and Language Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy

Q: What are the different levels of service offered at the school?

A: All Special Education Services offered fall into three categories:
Itinerant: 0 to 19% of the student's day has specialized services
Supplemental: 20 to 79% of the student's day has specialized services
Full Time: 80 to 100% of the student's day has specialized services