1. The speaker in "Gold" regards her home with affection.
2. The speaker describes both the sun and the wind as if they are people.
3. The speaker compares the sand to rivers.
4. The "gold" in the poem refers to the beauty of the surroundings, the setting sun's light and the speaker's home.
5. Looking is the action that is mentioned most often in the poem.

Literary Elements: Mood

The mood of "Gold" is best described as joyful.

Written Response

Why do you think the speaker stretches out her arms at the end of the poem?

- The speaker is imitating the hawk because she, too, is watching everything and being watched in turn. Her stretched out arms are like the wings of the hawk soaring in the golden light. The speaker is also operning her arms as "wide as the sky" to embrace the entire lovely scene and hold it forever.