In this memoir, Cosby wittily recaptures the rollercoaster ride of first love, which transforms his 12 year old bad self into a neat freak who takes three baths a day. In silence he worships a young goddess, who is never given a name. He finally works up the courage to ask her girlfriend if she ever talks about him. The news that she thinks he is "cute" intoxicates him, but he also learns to his dismay that she not only has a boyfriend, bus also has lined up a successor to her current beau. Nevertheless, Bill is patient and finally escourts his goddess to a movie where his circulation and bladder conspire against him. True love and real love finally intersect, however, when he discovers that his new girlfriend also needed to go to the bathroom.


1. Bill Cosby tries to get the attention of his first girlfriend by paying special attention to his grooming.
2. "The air left me faster than it left the Hindenburg" is an example of exaggeration in the story.
3. Cosby refers to his girlfriend as a "goddess" because he thinks she is superior to everyone else.
4. Cosby imagines that he will marry the girl.
5. When the girl admits that she has noticed him, Cosby envisions angels singing.
6. Bill Cosby probably wrote "The Only Girl in the World for Me" to relate an entertaining story.
7. The young Cosby can best be described as determined.

Literary Element: Motivation

1. Not wanting to acknowledge that they like each other, Cosby and his future girlfriend avoid smiling at each other at first.
2. Cosby is motivated to leave his tingling arm across his girlfriend's seat at the movies because he fears removing it will imply he does not love her.

Grammar Link: Avoiding Unclear Pronoun References

1. The girl's friend hands him a note stating that she thinks he is cute.---- The girl's friend hands Cosby a note stating that Cosby's future girlfriend thinks he is cute.
2. After he gets a note from the girl's friend, he keeps her words in his pocket for hours.----After Cosby gets a note from the girl's friend, he keeps his future girlfriend's words in his pocket for hours.
3. She dates Sidney before she dates Bill, but does she think he is cuter?----Cosby's future girlfriend dates Sidney before she dates Bill, but does she think Bill is cuter?
4. The girl is going with Sidney but likes Bill even before she dates him.-----The girl likes Bill even before she dates Sidney.
5. Does Bill wonder whether her boyfriend knows that she thinks he is cute?---Does Bill wonder whether the girl's boyfriend know that she thinks Bill is cute?

Written Response

What motivates Cosby to proceed so cautiously in his attempt to get the girl's attention? Do you think his fears are justified? On a separate sheet of paper, write a paragraph in which you describe Cosby's motivation for being cautious and state whether his fears are reasonable. Support your ideas with at least two details from the essay.

Examples might include:

-Cosby is most afraid that the girl will reject him. He is terrified that she will think being his girlfriend is comparable to having cavities filled. He is also worried that she will laugh at him. Cosby probably fears his friends' mockery too.

-Cosby's fears are probably justified because children can be extremely cruel. The girl is beautiful and popular; she already has a boyfriend and another boy waiting to date her. She doesn't have any incentive to be kind to Cosby unless she truly likes him.